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Svilena Mateeva is a freelance artist specialised in hand painted heraldic flags. Originally from Bulgaria she moved to the beautiful Chilterns in the UK in 2010, where she now resides. For over 8 years she worked for one of the leading flag making companies in the country, where she acquired the skills and the knowledge of flag-making. Having obtained a Master’s degree in Industrial design before that and having being trained as a seamstress, all these skills combined to enable her to produce and create beautiful flags. She then progressed to be the hand painted heraldic artist within the company. Some of her hand painted projects included flags for livery companies, the film industry, members of orders of chivalry and various businesses and institutions.

Since 2019 she has been working as a freelance artist and takes commissions from flag making companies and individual clients.


Some of the Banners of arms she has produced are on display in St. George’s chapel, Windsor, Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral, as well as in the annual Lord Mayor’s Show in November in London.


As well as making the heraldic banners and standards, she also designs flags and makes digital vector redraws of coats of arms.

Svilena Mateeva, Heraldic Flags artist
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