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Heraldic Standard of George Helon


“Personalized commission of the highest standard undertaken with flair, precision and exquisitely rendered in the finest traditions of heraldic art. With her client in mind from the outset, Svilena is a most courteous, dependable, gifted, passionate and truly talented artist who produces stunning, captivating and eye-catching heirloom quality creations.”

George William Helon Esquire: Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia; 2022.  

"In some casual reading about heraldry I came across the subject of heraldic standards or flags. It interested me and I wondered if standards were still being made in the traditional styles. In a search online, I found lots of suppliers of flags, custom rectangular flags made of cheap-looking materials, custom vinyl banners for storefronts, seasonal flags you can display on your lawn, pennants for schools—in short, everything except what I was looking for. At this point, mind you, I was only looking out of curiosity and had no plan to have a heraldic flag made.

After some more searching, I came across a mention of Svilena Mateeva on a website devoted to heraldry (at this point I had about a hundred tabs open in my browser) and visited her website. Lo and behold, here was an artisan making heraldic flags in the correct style, doing it personally, and doing it by hand! I couldn’t believe it.


I sent her a message asking for more information and she got back to me right away with a price quote. As I said before, I hadn’t started with the intention of commissioning a flag, but after my research online I began to think this might be my only chance to have a heraldic flag with the livery colors of my arms, my badge, and motto. Other than Svilena, there are almost no artisans doing this work anymore, and who knows how much longer she will be doing it? I thought to myself. There’s probably not much demand these days. I better get a flag made while I have the chance. So I did, and I’m happy to report that it was an excellent decision.

When I received the flag not many weeks later, everyone in my family was tremendously impressed with how good it looked and how well it is made. Svilena had sent me photos before shipping, but they really didn’t do justice to the vibrancy of the colors and the heft and tactile quality of the completed work. It’s a point of pride and a pleasure to have such a quality handmade item. We enjoy it very much and will continue to do so for many, many years."

Phillip Dennis, Dominican Republic

"BEAUTIFUL! You have done a magnificent job, Svilena!"

Marc Wheat, Arlington, USA

"I received the pennon yesterday and I truly couldn't be happier. Your work is flawless, especially considering how tedious the motto must have been! My oldest son is just as excited to know it will be his one day. Thank you so much!"

Charles Grierson, Chambersburg, USA

"I thought you’d want to know your wonderful pennants have arrived here at my house in The States safe and sound. They are even more beautiful to behold in person. I thank you so very much for all your efforts! I will display these with such pride! I pray you get more work! Things this beautiful should fly from hundreds of poles!"

Gordon Graham, Locust Valley, NY, USA

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